Air Right Products and Services LLC has over 25 years of experience working with customers in the Northwest and Alaska. We have applications in almost every industry. We have the ability to supply and install very small systems to the largest systems in the industry.

We specialize in air pollution control systems and air conveyance of product. Design and sizing of a system is key to achieving the desired flow and control of a system.

We also have many years of working with the local clean air agencies or EPA for air permitting and solving customer issues in the area of contaminated air and odor control. We can offer a service to help a customer write an air permit with their local agency which will satisfy the clean air agency and also cover the customer in wording the permit to allow for expansion and changes in the future.

Air Right Products prides itself on customer satisfaction and building trusting and long lasting relationships with our customers. We work directly with a customer from start to finish to ensure the project is completed to design and satisfaction.

Please contact us if you have any questions or interest in our equipment or services.