Air Right provides design and installation service for all of our products. Please request a quote from our office if interested in a turn-key project proposal.

  • Smog-Hog® Electrostatic Precipitators

    Smog-Hog® Electrostatic Precipitators

    For Kitchen and Industrial Smoke, Odor, and Grease/Oil Collection. Sizes from 500 CFM - 120,000 CFM.

  • SDC Shaker Dust Collector Unit

    SDC Shaker Dust Collector Unit

    The SDC Series of shaker dust collectors are ideal for intermittent processes. These shaker-style systems safely and effectively collect airborne pollutants captured at the source helping ensure the safety of workers while achieving OSHA and NFPA regulatory compliance for combustible or explosive dusts. Sizes Range from 420 CFM - 8400 CFM.

  • CFS Conveyor Filtration System

    CFS Conveyor Filtration System

    New UAS Conveyor Filtration System (CFS) is built for transferring and conveying bulk materials that generate large amounts of dust which present air quality, safety and maintenance challenges.

  • Smog-Hog® Single Compact MSH Units

    Smog-Hog® Single Compact MSH Units

    Single compact MSH units for direct mount to CNC and milling machines to collect oil mists. Sizes from 500 CFM - 1100 CFM.

  • Dust-Hog® Cartridge Downward Flow Collectors

    Dust-Hog® Cartridge Downward Flow Collectors

    Used for dry dust collection of metals, wood, plastics and other materials. Sizes range from 500 CFM - 200,000 CFM systems.

  • Smog-Hog® Media Mist Collector

    Smog-Hog® Media Mist Collector

    Efficient removal of mist and smoke for customers in the metalworking industry. Used PEACH Saturated Depth Coalescing Media Filtration. Sizes range from 1200 - 7200 CFM.

  • Portable Dust Collection units

    Portable Dust Collection units

    Portable and Ductable units for source collection of dust and dry pollutants. Sizes range from 750 - 1500 CFM.

  • Downdraft Tables

    Downdraft Tables

    Used for workbench dry dust and smoke collection. Sizes from 750 CFM - 2500 CFM.

  • Dust-Hog® Baghouses

    Dust-Hog® Baghouses

    Applications including cement, bulk powders, food processing, wood working, paper, and more. Custom sizing and design.

  • Cyclone Dust-Hog® Collectors

    Cyclone Dust-Hog® Collectors

    Effectively remove large to moderate-sized particles from the air stream for recovery of for disposal. Used alone or in conjunction with another dust collector or after-filter, the Cyclone separates coarse contaminants from fine, non-visible particles, and exhausts clean air.

  • Replacement Filters

    Replacement Filters

    Replacement filters, bags and cartridges for most brands of dust collectors and baghouses.

  • Nordfab Ducting

    Nordfab Ducting

    Quick-Fit™ clamp-together ductwork. Nordfab is the industry leader, and the world's largest supplier of clam-together ducting for dust, mist, fume and smoke collection.