• Inspection Service

    Inspection Service

    Air Right can inspect your existing dust or oil collection system and assess the condition of the unit. We will provide a report listing any parts that need to replaced, repaired or cleaned to make your system run optimally.

  • Repair Service

    Repair Service

    Air Right can supply all replacement filters and parts needed to repair your existing system to optimal running condition.

  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    Air Right can install any of the systems we offer on site and provide turnkey pricing for any size project.

  • Design Services

    Design Services

    Air Right can help you design and size a system to achieve the proper air flow to every piece of equipment on your dust or oil collection system. This will provide you with the right equipment for your application.

  • Air Permit Assistance

    Air Permit Assistance

    Air Right has many years of experience helping customers with the verbiage and writing of their Air Permit to make sure it is written to cover your rights with your local air agency or the EPA.